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Unlock the power of your people. Empower them with the tools to be well; financially, mentally and physically

top 3 life insurance is valued in the top 3 of employee benefits
31% higher productivity by employees with a higher sense of wellbeing
27% fewer sick days taken by physically active employees

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We've built a simple, easy to use app that drives daily habits.

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Game-changing tools to make wellbeing easy and fun
Earn top notch rewards from your favourite brands
Simple, user friendly experience to simplify insurance
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We bring together some of the best apps and wellbeing brands in the world.

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Free access for a year
Fully integrated into wellbeing apps

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Our reward programme offers exclusive vouchers, discounts from over 30 partners

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walk a mile, earn a mile
priority access to gigs
weekly free smoothie
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The best decision you’ll make all year. Wellbeing, Rewards and Protection.

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What’s covered in yulife lite?

This type of cover pays out if you die as a result of an accident. It will not pay out if you die from ill health or natural causes.

What’s covered in yulife?

If eligible, this type of cover pays out if you die as a result of an accident, ill health or natural causes.

built for business

All of our policies are underwritten by AIG, one of the largest insurance companies in the world.