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putting joy at the heart of your workplace. that’s our mission.

Nobody wants to add more tasks to their day, but taking care of your health shouldn’t be a chore - it should be a celebration. That’s why we decided to put joy at the heart of what we’re doing. We’re here to share our knowledge and motivate your people to improve their health with no extra stress.

So, we only use the carrot, and never the stick.

the four pillars

Our app embodies Dr Chatterjee’s theory of the four pillars of wellbeing. By finding a balance between them, we believe that we can help your people reach optimal health.


By having adequate relaxation time, employees are a lot more engaged, they are a lot more productive and they are a lot more creative

- Dr Chatterjee


The benefits of eating healthy are incredible. Whether it’s weight loss, better blood-sugar function, better immune system function, even improved fitness and endurance.

- Dr Chatterjee


As a society, we’re not moving enough. One of the reasons is that we’ve made it too complicated. We think we can only get our movement in the gym. But actually, we should take a look at the whole world as our gym.

- Dr Chatterjee


Not sleeping enough can have serious consequences for you health. Even if your diet and movement are perfect, you’re not going to get the long term benefits without good, quality sleep.

- Dr Chatterjee

because... science

Our hearts are in the right place, but also our minds. Our methods work - because we have science on our side.

Behavioural science boomed in the last few decades. We want to promote healthy behaviours and that’s why it was so important for us to really dive into the literature and build a behavioural change model that works for our members.


We’re used to hearing how gaming is an epidemic - there are 34.4m gamers in the UK alone.

But we use the addictive principles of gaming, such as short-to-medium term rewards and peer-to-peer encouragement, to promote healthy behaviours and create sustainable change.

simple steps

An extreme overhaul can give you really good short-term results, but we’re all about the long-term here. That’s why our app encourages small, simple improvements that your employees can keep up.

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