Life Insurance for Your Company, Without the Admin-Hassle

Life insurance is one of the most appreciated employee benefits. But getting company life insurance is often seen as a complicated thing, and to be honest, it really can be. It involves a lot of legalese, complex jargon and an overall morbid outlook which is not really inviting or engaging.

At yulife, we believe life insurance doesn’t have to be intimidating. Our proposition is digital and exciting, and what’s more - it allows you to choose from 3 different types of cover for your employees: accidental death insurance, individual full life insurance, or group life cover. Your employees can also top up the cover they’re getting from your company, so their insurance is completely tailored to their needs.

We don’t focus on gloom and doom at yulife. We believe that life insurance should inspire life, and should focus on life rather than on death. That’s why whichever policy you choose for your people, it’ll come with a wellbeing app that will reward them for healthy behaviours with gift cards from Amazon, ASOS and so many more.

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