Engage Your Employees with Benefits They’ll Actually Use

An employee benefits scheme is a great addition to any job description and a way to incentivise any current employee to stay at your company. We know that perks are the king of talent attraction and retention, but another important thing you want them to do is to actually be used by the majority of your employees.

The fact is, that most benefits don’t have high levels of employee engagement. For example, a lot of employers provide a gym membership as one of their perks. It’s seemingly a great one - it saves them money while taking care of their wellbeing. But did you know that gym memberships as a gift for your employees only have 20% engagement rates? This means only a fifth of your employees will use the benefit you bought for them!

When coming to purchase employee benefits, try to look for data about their level of engagement. After all, you don’t want to pay for a perk that only a few people will use.

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