Life insurance for businesses and companies

For a lot of organisations, their employees are their key assets. Providing them with life insurance (one of the highest rated employee benefits by employees) can help keep your business strong financially. yulife offers a way to cover all the employees in your company and reward them with bonuses and incentives for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

As a lifestyle insurance company, we look beyond the insurance policy to see how businesses can promote a holistic and healthy lifestyle for their employees. Our innovative app is partnered with well-known consumer brands and wellbeing influencers. This allows your staff to collect ‘yucoin’ and exchange them for rewards they desire and that make them healthier (such as discounts off massages, free smoothies and gym class passes).

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What are the benefits of getting company life insurance from yulife?

• Motivate staff to earn rewards by being healthy
• No medicals required
• Instant cover
• Online application and no paperwork
• Designed to take advantage of beneficial tax treatment

Research shows that life insurance is considered to be one of the top 3 of employee benefits that can be offered (together with health insurance and childcare vouchers). Employee benefits are significantly important in the modern workplace, with organisations striving to find alternative and additional ways to motivate staff, keep employees engaged and ultimately retain them in a competitive employment market.

yulife is dedicated to enhancing your employees wellbeing through our lifestyle app. Staff members can monitor the steps they cover every day and follow the results on an interactive company leaderboard. With daily bonuses and incentives available, your employees are nudged to improve their health and wellbeing (which doesn’t just benefit them, it has been shown to reduce sick days by 27%).

The on-boarding process is simple. Our entire application process is digital and there are no medicals required, allowing you to purchase instant cover for your employees and start as quickly as possible. Our life insurance for companies is designed to comply with the tax requirements of a “relevant life policy”, meaning the premiums will not be treated as a benefit in kind and can be claimed as a business expense.

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yulife offers an effective solution to providing life insurance for large businesses in the UK. With added incentives and rewards, your employees are one step closer to a healthier and happier lifestyle – something that will be reflected in their productivity and quality of their work.

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