Life insurance for SMEs

Yulife can help you arrange life insurance policies for employees of SMEs and companies with fewer than 50 employees, and more. Our bespoke policies give small and medium sized companies the opportunity to purchase life insurance cover for all their employees with one simple online portal – taking everyone’s age, health and wellbeing into consideration and with no medicals required.

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How yulife offers life insurance for small companies

Customers have two options:

yulife lite: £7.99 per month/employee and is designed for those just getting started with employee insurance benefits or looking to top up existing insurance schemes for their staff.

yulife: £14.99 per month/employee and is specifically for teams who are looking for full life insurance policies and for additional rewards and benefits for their employees.

Reward employees for healthy habits

Whilst most life insurance policies offer just basic cover, yulife also offers an innovative app which is designed to reward employees for healthy behaviours.

Staff will earn yucoin for every mile they walk, meditating and taking in-app challenges. They get to use their yucoin to receive discounts from a number of leading lifestyle brands such as Urban Massage, Now TV and EAT.

Available on iPhone and Android, your team can engage with daily rewards, bonuses and employee leaderboards.

What are the benefits of life insurance for small businesses?

Less admin and paperwork: Moving away from traditional insurance policies, our entire process is completed in 5 minutes online, sent to you and your employees by email and accessible through our online portal. No need to fill out lots of forms and paperwork and have a heavy stack of documents on your desk – everything is kept for you safely and securely online.

Reward and motivate staff: Our studies show that life insurance is one of the most popular and appreciated benefits according to staff. The result of employees being healthier and paying more attention to wellbeing has resulted in 27% less sick days and 31% more productivity.

Team bonding: Our app is designed to encourage health and participation amongst colleagues. With bonuses available, our daily leaderboard shows you who is keeping the fittest and earning the most points, creating competition for that coveted poll position.

Designed to be tax-efficient: Our policies are designed to be relevant life policies under relevant tax rules. Whether or not a policy qualifies depends on your individual circumstances but, if it does, it will not be regarded as a taxable benefit (meaning no national insurance and no painful P11D forms).

Great value top-ups: By purchasing life insurance for the employees of your small or medium sized business, you give those employees access to our life insurance top-ups at prices uniquely low for our members.

How can I get life insurance for my small business?

Yulife can provide life insurance protection for all kinds of small and medium enterprises. To get a quote for your small business, either sign up here or book a demo.