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We offer three plans, tailored to your business needs. Each plan includes our wellbeing app, rewards and hassle-free admin.

yulife group

Group life cover linked to your employees’ salary. Usually, there is no individual underwriting or medical required.

We also offer options for Income Protection and Critical Illness policies.

from £4.99

per member, per month

  • designed to be tax efficient

  • hassle-free admin

  • full access to our wellbeing app, partners and rewards

yulife lite

Instant £100k of accidental death cover. No questions asked, no medical.


per member, per month

  • designed to be tax efficient

  • portable insurance

  • hassle-free admin

  • full access to our wellbeing app, partners and rewards


Full life insurance up to £395,000, upon completing 8 health and lifestyle eligibility questions.* No medical required.


per member, per month

* if a member isn’t eligible, they’ll receive accidental death cover of £250k (unless they’re over 60). Before answering the eligibility questions, all employees are instantly covered for accidental death.

  • designed to be tax efficient

  • portable insurance

  • hassle-free admin

  • employees can adjust their insurance with our top-ups

  • full access to our wellbeing app, partners and rewards

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When you buy our yulife product, your employees get instant accidental death cover at first.

In order to unlock the full life insurance they’re entitled to (and for us to calculate their eligibility and amount of cover), they will need to answer 8 quick health and lifestyle questions. That’s right - no need for medicals.

Non-eligible employees receive accidental death cover - they can only get a better package by answering these questions.

Pays out in the event of death by an accident, illness or natural causes.

If an employee leaves your organisation, they can choose to take their yulife membership with them. If they currently have full life cover, they will not have to answer the health and lifestyle questions again.

They can do this in one of two ways:

  • pay for their yulife membership themselves
  • have their new employer pay for it

Both yulife and yulife lite are designed to be relevant life policies. Relevant life policies comply with certain requirements in tax legislation, which include placing the insurance in trust. In simpler terms, these are the tax benefits you’ll get:

  • Employers can normally write the cost off against Corporation Tax
  • Employers do not need to submit a P11D
  • National insurance contributions are not required to be paid

Please seek your own advice on how to record yulife membership in your payroll and tax systems.

Pays out in the event of death by an accident. This insurance doesn’t cover death by illness or natural causes. An accident is a bodily injury or death caused by violent, accidental, external and visible means.

Your employees are covered for accidental death cover from the moment you purchase a yulife membership for them - no questions asked.

These are the questions that we can ask individuals to better understand their risk of death and assess whether we can provide them insurance.

All of our business policies have been designed to be relevant life policies (see relevant life section for tax benefits related to this).

In addition, our policies have been structured to be held in trust, meaning that the payments on the event of death should not become subject to inheritance tax (IHT).

This provides a lump sum if an employee suffers one of the critical illnesses covered. Cover for total permanent disability can also be added.

This provides a replacement salary to an employee who is unable to work due to illness or injury for a prolonged period, usually six months. It effectively extends an employee’s sick pay, providing long term financial security for your employees.

A single policy that provides life insurance cover for all of the employees of your business. In the unfortunate event of their death by accident, illness or natural causes this cover will provide money to the family and dependants of that employee.

When you purchase a yulife membership for your employees, you’re paying for a certain amount of cover. However, some of your employees may like more than that, and it will be super easy for them to top-up the amount of cover they receive. Top-ups will become available in the near future, so keep an eye out for them!

Generally, yulife and yulife lite are available to all UK residents. However, there are some restrictions around business type, employee occupation, and employee age.

excluded business types excluded occupations age limits
sole traders with no employees armed forces, territorial army and reservists minimum age for joining: 18
an equity partner or partnership commercial diving maximum age for joining: 69
an equity member of a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) commercial aviation (pilots and crew) maximum age for membership: 75
offshore work including gas or oil platforms
offshore fishing

Some members will not be eligible for the full life insurance included in yulife membership based on their answers to our 8 health and lifestyle questions (e.g. their medical history reveals a serious pre-existing condition). If that’s the case, they’ll receive accidental death cover of £250k (unless they’re over 60 - in that case, we’ll ensure their package is better than yulife lite).

Our members can make a claim before death if diagnosed with a terminal illness. A terminal illness is an illness that has no cure or has progressed to the point where it can’t be cured, and that, in the opinion of the attending consultant, is expected to lead to death within 12 months.

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