life insurance you’ll use every day

yulife is a company life insurance product that’s built with your wellbeing in mind.

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get covered instantly

After being invited by your employer, you only need to confirm your details to access your account and download our wellbeing app.

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insurance in your pockets

All you need to access your insurance information is your log-in and an internet connection.

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walk to earn

Use the app daily to earn yucoin from walking and engaging in mindfulness.

The app syncs with health and meditation apps.

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take a challenge

Earn yucoin by going on walking and mindfulness challenges, and progress through levels and worlds.

Complete streaks and unlock chests for more rewards.

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reward yourself

Cash in your hard-earned yucoin for rewards.

Get gym memberships, gig tickets, Avios air miles, and gift cards from amazing brands like Amazon and ASOS.

Our reward partners→

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compete for number one

Feel the heat with our company leaderboards, where you can compete with your friends, colleagues and workspace members - as long as you opt in.

Put it up on the big screen at work for more motivation!

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