yulife: the employee benefit and wellbeing solution for your team

yulife is an all-in-one wellbeing package that includes life insurance and rewards. We give your people yucoin for healthy behaviours, which they can exchange for amazing rewards like Avios points, Amazon gift cards, gig tickets, ASOS vouchers and so much more.

Instead of working through multiple platforms, the yulife app is an employee reward that pays out for everyday activities, in a way that suits them. What’s more, signing up - for you and for your team - is simple and completely online, so you don’t need to worry about the middleman.

yulife is a wellbeing perk which is focused on rewarding your people for improving their wellbeing. We reward them for the steps they take when they walk, but also use our game-like features to incentivise them to care for their health even more through quests, challenges and streaks. By walking and meditating, your team can earn more yucoin and by that, more rewards.

Our app also encourages workplace wellbeing. Our clients tell us that they feel more inclined to go on walking meetings, take challenges together and think about their wellbeing in the context of work. As employee benefits go, yulife works both during work hours and outside of them.

“The app encourages wellbeing in my workplace generally. I feel like we’re improving our teamwork and the competition encourages us to do better, which makes yulife such a strong app. We even take team challenges together and have a lot of fun with it”
~Beth from BrighterBox

Our wellbeing programme is holistic and takes care of your employees’ mental and physical wellbeing, but also their financial wellbeing. yulife comes with two life insurance options that will make sure your people have their loved ones’ covered, but that’s not all - our wellbeing benefits include a free will (worth £90) and a free Moneyhub account for 6 months.

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