Live music. Whenever you want - Sofar Sounds

Remember the days you had time to go to gigs whenever you wanted? We don’t either. We’re so busy now that when we do have the time to go to a concert, there are usually none on - or even worse, all the tickets were sold out.

But guess what? As a yulife member, these days are gone. That’s because every yulife member gets priority access to Sofar Sounds gigs - how cool is that?

Each Sofar Sounds event in London has an exclusive surprise line-up of 3 artists from all genres, selected carefully by the Sofar Sounds team. That means you’ll never be wasting your time, and with yulife, you’ll get into any Sofar Sounds gig with priority access.

Want to learn more about yulife, what we’re offering (other than your next night out) and how it all works? Check out our product page.